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Modpack Update 28FEB2017

The 28FEB2017 Modpack Update is now available for download from our Arma3Sync repository. At around 27GB, it includes updates to most mods as well as our planned switch to ACRE. Members will also need to roll Arma 3 forward to v1.66 and update Teamspeak to v3.1, so it is important that members read the full instructions posted below. As previously announced on the forums there will be no ops until 4th March, and members can expect further small patches before then.

Addons Update 16DEC2016

We have just pushed a small update to the repository that fixes some minor issues that have been reported over the last month, as well as some tweaks to AI skill levels. Details of the fixes can be found in the changelog. Thanks to the members of the teach team who worked to fix these issues.

Rollback to v1.64

Bohemia Interactive have today pushed Arma 3 v1.66, which tweaks a variety of things related to audio. As we believe this is likely to break mod support we will be staying on Arma 3 v1.64 for the time being. Members should be sure to pause any updates and follow these instructions to stay with the current version: