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Modpack Update Preload Available Now

Quick news post to let members know that due to its large size (10GB), the modpack update is now available for download ahead of its full release. Members can expect smaller updates throughout today and tomorrow. Full details on what the modpack update contains, as well as the pending template update and the new content added to our own addons, will be made available following its complete release.

Modpack Update 09SEP2016

A small update (1MB) has just been pushed to the modpack repository. This contains a number of fixes to the loadouts that were leftover from the last update, as well as including a fix for the issue where players randomly load in without clothes. No updates have been made to the templates in this update.

Full details of what has changed can be found in the changelogs below:

Modpack and Templates Update 06SEP2016

We have today pushed a smallish update (200MB) to the modpack and templates. The main feature of this update is the return of the F-14 and F-16 mods by firewill, both of which have seen significant updates since they were last in the modpack. We have also added a new deployable repair station to support full vehicle repairs and and made several tweaks to loadouts based on member feedback. Read on for more.