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Modpack and Templates Update 27OCT2016

An update to the modpack has just been pushed to our Arma3Sync repository for download. Around 200MB, the includes ACE v3.8.1 which adds a few new features and fixes many of the bugs experienced with ACE v3.7.0. We have also updated BWI Addons, which tweaks to our Armory loadouts based on member feedback and fixes a number of bugs. Mission makers are advised that there has been an update to our templates and should make sure they are using the latest version. As usual, details of the update can be found in the changelogs below:

Addons Update 16OCT2016

A small update has been pushed to the repository this morning which fixes a number of issues that occured during the first operation with the new modpack. Details can be found in the changelog as usual. Furthermore, the Armory section of the Field Manual has been updated to reflect the new loadouts that are available via the BWI Armory, as well as changes to existing loadouts.

Modpack and Templates Update 14OCT2016

The final part of the new modpack is now available for download on the Arma 3 Sync repository. Unlike yesterdays modpack download, this update is just a small patch (100MB) containing the finishing touches to the BWI Addons. Read on for more information of what is contained in this update...