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Modpack Update 28FEB2017

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The 28FEB2017 Modpack Update is now available for download from our Arma3Sync repository. At around 27GB, it includes updates to most mods as well as our planned switch to ACRE. Members will also need to roll Arma 3 forward to v1.66 and update Teamspeak to v3.1, so it is important that members read the full instructions posted below. As previously announced on the forums there will be no ops until 4th March, and members can expect further small patches before then.

Due to the number of changes, it is important that all members follow these instructions to update their modpack:

  1. Update Arma 3.
    1. In your Steam Library right-click on Arma 3 and go to Properties.
    2. Go to the Betas tab.
    3. In the select list above the code field, select "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs".
    4. Click Ok. In the library it should now say "Arma 3" instead of "Arma 3 [legacy]" and will download the latest version (~10GB).
  2. Update Teamspeak 3
    1. Go to your Teamspeak 3 installation folder (default is C:/Program Files/Teamspeak 3 Client).
    2. Go to the plugins folder and delete the task_force_radio_win32.dll and task_force_radio_win64.dll files.
    3. You can also delete the radio-sounds, radio-sounds-new and radio-sounds-old directories.
    4. Open Teamspeak 3 and click Update when prompted.
  3. Update BWI Modpack
    1. Go to your Arma 3 installation folder.
    2. Delete the @BWI_TFAR and @BWI_VME directories.
    3. You can also safely delete the userconfig/ task_force_arrowhead_radio directory.
    4. Open Arma3Sync, go the Repositories tab and download the update as normal.
    5. Once complete, go back to the Addons tab and click Modsets.
    6. Check your "Live Repo" checkbox and click OK.
    7. If you use JSRS from our optional repository, follow these additional steps:
      1. Open Arma3Sync, go the Repositories tab and download the update to JSRS (~800MB).
      2. Once complete, go back to the Addons tab and click Modsets.
      3. Check your "Optional Repo" checkbox and click OK.
    8. Ensure all of the @BWI folders are checked on the Addons tab.
    9. If any of the folders in the Addons list appear red, repeat steps E and F.
  4. Install ACRE2 Plugins
    1. With at least the @BWI_CBA and @BWI_ACRE folders checked in Arma3Sync, simply start Arma.
    2. A prompt should appear notifying you that ACRE2 has been installed to the Teamspeak 3 plugins directory.
    3. Open Teamspeak 3 and go toTools > Options. Go to the Addons tab on the left-hand side and find ACRE2.
    4. Ensure that the ACRE2 plugin is enabled.

Details on the changes and a full changelog will be released later in the week alongside updates to our own BWI Addons and the updated templates for mission makers.