"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."

Active Mods

Black Watch International uses a large modset that we feel increases our ability to create diverse and enjoyable scenarios. Our gameplay includes ACE3, RHS: Escalation and a number of high quality maps. We have also developed a number of small mods including custom units and uniforms, resupply boxes and a rebalancing of the ACE cargo system.


The Black Watch modset is distributed to our members via an Arma3Sync repository, allowing members to easily pause and resume downloads as well as making it easier for us to distribute updates to the modset as required. For details on setting up and using the Arma3Sync repository, please check the Modset Repository Instructions.


The following is a full list of all mods used by Black Watch International:

  • @BWI_ACE
    • ACE (v3.12.1)
    • ACEX (v3.3.0)
    • ACRE2 (v2.5.1.980)
  • @BWI_BAF
    • 3CB BAF Units (v4.2)
    • 3CB BAF Weapons (v2.2.1)
    • 3CB BAF Equipment (v2.2)
    • 3CB BAF Vehicles (v6.1)
  • @BWI_BWA
    • BWMod (v1.6)
  • @BWI_BWI
    • BWI Addons (14MAR2018)
  • @BWI_CBA
    • CBA (v3.6.1.180131)
  • @BWI_CUP
    • CUP Terrains Core (v1.4.2)
    • CUP Terrains Maps (v1.4.2)
  • @BWI_FIR
    • FIR AWS US (v2.27)
    • A-10 Warthog (v1.31)
    • F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone (v1.68)
    • F-15 Eagle Series Standalone (v1.21)
    • F-16 Fighting Falcon Series Standalone (v1.81)
    • Eurofighter Typhoon AWS (v1.55)
  • @BWI_IBR
    • Isla Abramia (v3.9)
    • Isla Duala (v3.9)
    • Island Panthera (v3.9)
    • Lingor (v3.82)
  • @BWI_Maps
    • Al Rayak (v0044)
    • Bozcaada (v1.2)
    • Chernarus Winter (v1.11)
    • Gunkizli (v0.52)
    • Imrali Island (v1.4)
    • Imrali Island Spring (v1.4)
    • Leskovets (v004)
    • N'Djenahoud (v1.0)
    • Porquerolles (v1.3)
    • Prei Khmaoch Luong (v1.0)
    • Song Bin Tahn (v0.6)
    • VT5 (v1.0)
    • Wake Island (v1.1)
  • @BWI_Misc
    • ShackTac User Interface (v1.2.2)
    • Taliban Fighters (RC20)
    • BackpackOnChest (v1.2.0)
    • RDS A2 Civilian Pack (v1.31)
  • @BWI_NIA
    • NIArms Arsenal (v9.3)
  • @BWI_RHS
    • RHS: USAF (v0.4.5)
    • RHS: AFRF (v0.4.5)
    • RHS: GREF (v0.4.5)
    • RHS: SAF (v0.4.5)
  • @BWI_THS
    • Theseus Services (v1.3.0)

Optional Mods

The following is a list of mods that are available as optional extras, and can be downloaded via our Optionals Repository.

    • JSRS Soundmod (v6.17.1222)