"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."

Recruitment Policy

  1. Aspiring players may send an application using the application form
    • Applicant must be over 20 years of age
    • Applicant must have a working microphone and the ability to use it
    • Applicant will be subject to an interview with one or more Non Comissioned Officers
    • Applicant must ensure the information provided in their application is accurate
    • Applicant confirms they have read and understand the attendance policy
      • Members must attend one operation every 7 days (not calendar week)
      • Members unable to attend within this limit must submit an LOA
      • Members who don't meet attendance requirements will receive up to 3 warnings
      • Members with 3 warnings may be removed from the group. Warnings expire after 3 months
  2. Upon being accepted into the organization, new members will undergo a Recruit phase
    • This phase is a probationary period lasting at least four weeks
    • This period may be extended based on your activity and performance
    • During this period, new Recruits will be monitored and guided by Non Comissioned Officers
    • Recruits expecting to require an LOA during this period should delay their application
    • All Recruits will be required to attend a bootcamp training session during their Recruit phase