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Modpack, Addons, Templates Update 07JUN2017

A small update (~300MB) has been pushed to our Arma3Sync today that includes fixes for a few bugs that have existed since the Arma 3 1.70 update. These include a temporary fix for ACE IEDs detonating before they can be defused, as well as a fix for RHS Hellfires failing to acquire laser designated targets. Members who use JSRS mod can update to the latest version available from our "optional" repository (~400MB). Full changelogs can be found below.

Templates Update 19MAY2017

Quick news post to let everyone know that a further update to the template has just been pushed, that adds the USS Freedom aircraft carrier to some more maps. It should also be smaller to download now, and can be found on our Gitlab repository as usual.

Modpack, Addons, Templates Update 18MAY2017

We have today pushed a medium-sized (1-2GB) update to the Arma3Sync repository that updates some of our mods for Arma 3 1.70. This should fix some issues following the release, but more fixes are expected within the next few weeks. The aircraft carrier has been added to some of our templates, and BWI Addons now includes a new editor module for creating custom teleporters. The changelogs can be found below.