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Rollback to v1.80

Bohemia Interactive have today released Arma 3 v1.82 alongside the Tank DLC, which includes a lot of changes and improvements to armored vehicles. However, we will be rolling back to Arma 3 v1.80 for now while we wait for mod support to catch-up. Members should be sure to pause any updates and follow these instructions to stay with the current version:

Modpack, Addons, Templates Update 14MAR2018

It may be a day late, but we have today released the latest Modpack, Addons and Templates updates. This update is quite large (~3GB) and includes the latest versions of ACE, CUP and RHS, as well as JSRS on the optional repository (~200MB). We have also added some new features via BWI Addons. We recommend that all members read the details below, as some of the gameplay changes are quite significant.

Addons Update 23DEC2017

A very small update (250KB) has been pushed to the repository ahead of tonight's operation. Includes a minor fix and a new feature for mission makers to make use of during their operations.