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Modpack, Addons Update 17OCT2019

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A medium sized update (~3.8GB) to our modpack has just been pushed to our Arma3Sync repository. This update includes the latest version of ACRE which brings a number of significant changes to communication during operations. Additionally, members cannow update Arma 3 and Teamspeak to their latest versions. Read below for update instructions and details on the most significant changes.

Updating Teamspeak to v3.3.x.

Members can now update Teamspeak to the latest version (3.3.x). Simply open Teamspeak and follow the on-screen prompts to update.

Remember to start Arma 3 without Teamspeak running once so that the ACRE2 plugin can be updated!

Updating Arma 3 to v1.94.

To update Arma 3 to v1.94 you need to opt-out of the legacy branch for v1.92 in Steam. Please follow these steps:

  1. Right-click Arma 3 in Steam.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Go to Betas tab and select NONE.
  4. Click Close and wait for Arma 3 to update.

Changes in ACRE

The latest ACRE includes a number of new features and changes, mostly focused on crew intercoms and signal loss.

All armored vehicles now use the FFCS intercom station interface instead of ACE interaction for controlling intercom. Once connected to an intercom (still done via ACE Interact), crew can open the FFCS with SHIFT+ALT+TAB. From here crew can adjust volume and intercom mode. Additionally, the crew can use the Work (Receive and Transmit) and Monitor (Receive Only) dials to select a radio rack in the vehicle. Once selected, the rack will behave as if you have an additional radio on your person. Please note that only armor vehicles use this the FFCS at this time.

This new version of ACRE also includes a number of new signal loss behaviours, including one called "Simple LOS". This mode offers terrain-based signal loss and range limitations (akin to TFAR), but without the complex (and buggy) conditions of the more detailed "Multi-Path LOS" ACRE has used to date. Testing has yet to observe any of our previous issues with signal loss in ACRE using this new mode, so we have decided to enable it for use in operations.

As such, members should be aware of the terrain they are operating in when communicating over radio. Hills and mountains will block radio signals. Transmitting from high ground or using stronger radios (e.g. 117F or vehicle) will provide a boost to transmission and reception ranges. Signal loss is _expected_ with this mode and players should endeavour to work around the new challenges it presents.

ACRE have added the ability for Zeuses to hear players through the Zeus camera, and also communicate via a PTT key. Please note that while we are excited for the hearing portion of this feature, we are worried about potential disruption or abuse of the PTT option. We strongly recommend Zeuses check the default Zeus PTT keybind, ensure it is set to a key that can not be accidentally pressed and avoid its use except in the same rare circumstances Zeus would teleport to players. If this feature ends up being disruptive to operations, it will be disabled entirely.

Finally, Zeuses can also switch to the spectator channel through ACE Interaction, allowing them to communicate with players who are waiting to respawn.

New Howitzer Trucks and Roles

Roles for a new Howitzer Team element has been added to most factions. Available under "Weapon Teams", it is intended for use with new trucks available in the motorpool that come with a pre-loaded artillery piece. Please note that players should be careful when unloadind the artillery. Ensure the ground is flat and stand to the front or rear of the vehicle while unloading.

Additionally, the new element has assumed the callsign of "Wookie" with the self-propelled artillery crew's callsign changing to "Bison".

Balance Changes and Fixes

All fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft have had adjustments to their balances. Fixed-wing aircraft are now more expensive across the board, while rotary-wing gunships are available at Class III instead of Class IV.

Roles using RPG-7s have had some adjustments to the available rounds. While the 7VR tandem HEAT round remains the primary round of choice due to its effectiveness in penetrating armor, RPG-7 teams will now have one 7VL round available for longer range engagements.

A number of fixes and improvements have been made across the board.

The full changelogs can be found below: