"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."


Modpack, Addons, Templates Update 14MAR2018

It may be a day late, but we have today released the latest Modpack, Addons and Templates updates. This update is quite large (~3GB) and includes the latest versions of ACE, CUP and RHS, as well as JSRS on the optional repository (~200MB). We have also added some new features via BWI Addons. We recommend that all members read the details below, as some of the gameplay changes are quite significant.

Addons Update 23DEC2017

A very small update (250KB) has been pushed to the repository ahead of tonight's operation. Includes a minor fix and a new feature for mission makers to make use of during their operations.

Modpack, Addons Update 09DEC2017

We have pushed a number of pending updates (~500MB) ahead of schedule, in the hope that these will alleviate the recent issues experienced since the release of Arma 3 v1.80. As this includes an update to ACRE2, members are reminded that they will need to start Arma once without Teamspeak running, in order for the ACRE plugin to be updated. Details can be found in the changelogs below.