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Modpack, Addons, Templates Update 26APR2019

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It has been many months in the making, but our large post-Tanks DLC Modpack Refresh is now available for downloading from the Arma3Sync Repository. This very substantial update includes a huge quantity of changes to our in-house mods, bringing a huge number of new game features. It also includes a functioning build of the ACE Medical Rewrite, bringing much improved medical behaviours. Read on for more information and instructions.

The Important Bits

Members who have downloaded the modpack during the beta testing phase should now see a number of small updates finalising the update in the Live Arma3Sync . However, please be advised the "checking files" process may take a while to complete, as every file in the modpack will need to be individually compared and re-verified. Regular members can safely remove both the Test and Optional repositories now.

All of the old modpack directories, prefixed with @BWI_, @TST_ or @OPT_ an now be safely deleted. These folders will not be deleted for you automatically and will continue to take up disk space.

Mission makers will now find the latest templates available on the Gitlab repository. Please note that not all maps currently have a template - more will be made available in the coming weeks. However, mission makers should find that all of the new maps to this update are playable. Mission makers should take their time to read through the Wiki, and ask questions on Discord, as the mission making experience has changed in some fairly significant ways. Keep in mind that the Wiki is still a WIP as we get to grips with what is, and isn't important for mission makers to know under this new format.

A full changelog for the Modpack and Addons updates are available on our Gitlab, but we will cover some of the more obvious changes briefly below. Before we get into that though, a quick thanks to all of the members who have donated time to testing elements of this modpack dating back to August last year. Without your help this modpack wouldn't have been possible!

So whats new?

This update was first planned during mid-2018, with development commencing in August 2018. It has been a long time in development, with 1000s of commits to our Gitlab repository since. So what has been achieve in that time? Following is a some short(ish) summary of what's new in this update.

ACE Medical

With many thanks to [SGT.] Redbery who did a lot of the hard work in getting bugs fixed, we have implemented our own build of ACE3’s Medical Rewrite. The rewrite makes medical much less predictable and a much more engaging factor in operations. IV bags are more vital in keeping patients alive, and casualties can now enter cardiac arrest when their heart rate is either too low or too high. Cardiac arrest is only resolves through the administration of CPR and continued treatment.

Woulds to the legs will cause limping, which can be treated by applying a splint. The splint will allow the casualty to run, but not sprint, and can only be applied to a fully bandaged leg. Surgery from a corpsman will permanently fix the limping. Corpsman can now perform surgery anywhere, rather than being confined to a building, vehicle or deployable mat.

Pain is much more persistant, with it only being temporarily treated through morphine injections.


VCOM AI gives the AI improved abilities on the battlefield. From a mission maker's perspective they will be less responsive to zeus-assigned waypoints, but they will generate their own based on the information they perceive as a threat on the ground. WThe AI will be more dynamic and smarter in their decisions - they will refrain from staying in one place while under fire, and will no longer push into an obvious death sentence. They will evaluate the conflicts that they are in, deriving information from the type of and amount of weaponry that is being fired at them. They will then proceed to either attack, flank, retreat, or call for reinforcements.

Furthermore VCOM will see the AI employ more devious and player-like tactics, such as stealing vehicles, using static weapons and calling in mortar strikes.

Armory, Structure and Factions

The BWI Armory has had a significant rewrite, bringing many new features big and small. As well as now utilising the new Platoon Structure, players will now noticed that all factions now fall into a specific "type", such as Airborne, Armored or Marines. Integrating with the Motorpool system, every faction has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. A list of currently available factions can be found in this spreadsheet until the Field Manual can be updated.

For now only the major militaries provided by our mods are represented, however more factions will be coming in the future.

Staging, Motorpool and Resupply

Every template now includes a number of predefined staging areas, acting as the base of operations for players. Once the staging area is selected by the Zeus, players can head through and begin to prepare themselves for the operation ahead. Mission makers will define the faction, threat level and available funds for their operation, leaving Lead elements to "purchase" their assets from the motorpool and decide how much resupply to bring along. We believe this provides a better balance to games, relieving Zeuses of some of the unnecessary stresses, while rewarding Platoon Leaders with more chances to succeed of their own volition.

Construction and Combat Outposts

Factions with a strong logistical presence, such as US Army Armored, will have access to Combat Outpost Kits. These powerful constructions will allow reinforcements to be swiftly brought back to the front - useful when operate outside a reasonable range to the staging area. Combat Outpost Kits are just one of many construction kits though. Trenches, vehicle positions, checkpoints and even entire bases can be built through the construction system. Defence engineers can plan the constructions with the 3D preview mode before starting team-based the construction phase. During this phase, any infantryman can contribute to completion of the construction. Once all points are finished, the defence engineer can complete it.

And More...

Here are a few more highlights:

  • Redd'n'Tanks vehicles, bringing some new and interesting armor to the German motorpool.
  • 3CB Factions which provides a number of well-made hostile factions to play against.
  • A number of beautiful and interesting terrains such as Anizay, Rosche and Pulau.
  • New standalone vehicles in the FV510 Warrior, SU-25SM3, and F-35B Lightning.
  • Quick marker menu system for quickly placing consistent, readable map markers.
  • Significantly improved flashlights, flares and vehicle lights, making night time operations far more playable and immersive.
  • JSRS included as standard with customized configurations for specific weapons.
  • Custom vehicle radio rack configurations, giving consistent access to racks, phones and intercoms.