"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."


New Training Program

Following on from yesterday's Modpack Update, we are today starting the first stage of our new training program. A number of sessions on various topics will be made available in the coming months, but we are starting with mandatory Convoy and Medical re-training for all members, the details of which can be found below. This new training program will also form the basis for issuing the often confusing PFC rank going forward.

Modpack, Addons, Templates Update 30NOV2017

In the works for the last few months, we are today releasing the latest updates to our Modpack, Addons and Templates. As well as new mods and some significant gameplay changes, the details of how to connect to our Arma3Sync repository have changed. Please read on for details of what has changed, and how to get started with downloading the update (4-6GB).

Modpack, Addons Update 10OCT2017

A medium sized (3.28GB) update has just been pushed to our Arma3Sync repository. This update includes the latest ACRE version, which now features automatic channel switching. The ACRE Teamspeak plugin has been updated, so be sure to start Arma 3 once without Teamspeak running, so that the plugin can be installed. A number of bug fixes and minor additions have been made to both the 3CB BAF and Firewill AWS content, including a fix for the infamour main rotor loss problem with the British Merlin helicopters!

Full changelogs can be found below: