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Modpack, Addons, Templates Update 14MAR2018

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It may be a day late, but we have today released the latest Modpack, Addons and Templates updates. This update is quite large (~3GB) and includes the latest versions of ACE, CUP and RHS, as well as JSRS on the optional repository (~200MB). We have also added some new features via BWI Addons. We recommend that all members read the details below, as some of the gameplay changes are quite significant.

ACRE Terrain Occlusion

After significant testing, we are now reasonably confident that previous issues with ACRE's terrain occlusion have been resolved. As a result we have decided to trial it in operations again and have set it to a value of 0.2. Please keep in mind that some loss of signal is entirely expected - if you are behind a hill, building or vehicle you may experience interference or complete loss of comms.

ACE Settings & BWI Settings

ACE has switched their settings system from their custom menu/module system to the CBA Settings. For most members this means that the options you'd previously find under ESC > ACE Options are now under ESC > Options > Addon Options. All of your existing settings should have been imported, but please verify before joining an operation.

With this change we have also decided to include our server settings as part of the modpack. This means that mission makers can test their missions locally with the same settings as the server will run it with. We also believe it makes configuring client settings slightly clearer - if you change a setting that the server is going to override, it will be flagged with a red exclaimation mark indicating it.

CBA Joystick Binding

And some good news for pilots too. CBA have added the ability to create joystick bindings without the need for an external program. It is a little fiddly, but well documented on the CBA Wiki.

ACE Nightvision

Included with this update is the new ACE Nightvision system, which should make night time operations far more interesting for players. However, we would like to caution mission makers to be considerate in their use of night - please consider if night is situation suitable for the faction, situation and environment. A faction without access to nightvision or flashlights, is unlikely to choose to operate at night.

Suppressor Overheating

We have added a custom extension of the ACE Weapon Overheating system that offers a simple simulation of suppressor melting from excessive use. As a suppressed weapon is fired, heat will build up in the suppressor. After enough continual firing, you will receive a warning that the suppressor is overheating, and if you continue to fire, it will melt and be removed. A number of loadouts have been updated to include suppressors for Automatic Rifles... use them wisely.

Sandstorm Conditions

Following up on the addition of a snow module before the New Year, we have now added a sandstorm module. Placeable in the editor, this module simulates a sandstorm and is also completely safe for use with AI.

Roleplay Objects

In order to facilitate mission makers in creating more diverse scenarios, we have added the first version of our roleplay objects. These objects can be used by mission makers to give players new objectives such as retrieving an aircraft's blackbox or destroying a druglord's stash of cash.

Aircraft Damage Modules

We have added a set of modules for applying damage to aircraft, to better facilitate the training of pilots in how to handle emergency scenarios. However, please be advised these modules are categorically not for use against player-pilots during operations. A future update will be including a notification system to identify such uses.

M1085 CPBS Medical Tent

In the last update RHS added the M1085 CPBS truck - a support truck capable of deploying a tent. We have made a slight modification to make this medical enabled, so mission makers can use it in place of an ambulance or tent if desired.

ACE Weather Changes

Good news for mission makers. Due to recent changes and improvements to ACE Weather, it will no longer cause problems when mission makers define weather in Attributes > Environment. As a result, it is now permanently enabled and mission makers can forget about turning it off to ensure custom weather behaves.

Rank Icons for Specific Roles

A small quality of life improvement added to the template is visible rank icons for specific roles. Zeuses will be labelled as Colonel, co-zeuses as Major, Platoon Leaders as Captain, Platoon Sergeants as Lieutenant, Squad Leaders as Sergeant and Assistant Squad Leaders as Corporal.

NIArms Size Increases

We discovered quite late in modpack development that Toadie's NIArms pack, which we use extensively throughout the loadouts, has increased the weight and space requirements of most magazines. While we've done our best to ensure loadouts retain the same quantity of ammo as before, please be aware that some will still have seen a reduction in ammo quantity, or an increase in loadout weight.

Terrain Polarity Fixes & Land Navigation Videos

Perhaps the tiniest change with the biggest impact, is a custom fix for the CUP Terrains which had a reversed vertical grid polarity. The Land Navigation and Vector21+MicroDAGR videos have now been released and include methods that will now always work regardless of map:

Thanks & Changelogs

That's it for all of the major changes and as usual the full changelogs can be found below. Thanks to everyone on the tech team who put hardwork into this update, and also to the Media and Training departments for their work on the Land Navigation videos.