"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."


Apex Modpack Update Part 2

The second part of our modpack has just been pushed live and is now available for download ahead of tonight's op. This update will be 150-300MB and includes a number of our custom developments. Please make sure to update your modpack prior to op and turn off filepatching as it is no longer enabled on the server! Those who use JSRS must also make sure to get the latest version from our optional repository.

Apex Modpack Update Part 1

Quick news post to let everyone know that the first part of our Apex modpack update is now available on the repository. As everyone is already aware, this update is a complete reset of the modpack with us building up from a small core of mods. The first part of the modpack update releasing today is large (approximately 22GB). Members will also need to roll forward their Arma version and download the Apex expansion. To give people time to download there will be no operations on 11th or 12th August.

Rollback to v1.60

As announced on Thursday, we will be staying with Arma 3 v1.60 for the time being while we update our modpack. According to Bohemia, Apex and the v1.62 patch will be released around op time at 1900CET. Once the update hits members should be sure to pause any updates and follow these instructions to stay with the current version: