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Addons, Modpack, Templates Update 28FEB2017

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The full release of the 28FEB2017 modpack that was available for pre-loading earlier this week is now deployed to our Arma3Sync repository and Arma 3 server. For those who downloaded the update earlier this week a small patch is now available on the repository. If you've yet to download the update, please refer to the instructions in the release post. Details on what is new and links to the changelogs follow below.

First up is the move from TFAR to ACRE for our radio plugin. This is the biggest change to our gameplay and while there are some things in TFAR we will probably miss, we believe ACRE will provide many more interesting gameplay moments. [SGT.] Chrizzo has put together a video explaining everything members need to know about the ACRE radio system:

Second of all are the changes to our Platoon Structure and adjustments to the available roles. Squads now feature an Assistant Squad Leader, the Combat Engineer has been divided into two new roles, we have introduced the Forward Air Controller and added a number of static weapon teams. Be sure to read the Field Manual to familiarise yourselves with these new roles before tonight's operation.

Third biggest changes are to the Armory loadouts. Due to changes in Arma 3 1.66 and RHS 0.4.2, many of our loadouts were missing ammo or overweight by 5-10kg. As a result, every faction has been re-created from scratch and their equipment rebalanced. New weapons from the NIArms and RHS mods have been integrated throughout the existing factions and a total of 18 new factions have been introduced.

Finally, a note to mission makers - any operations made prior to this update will be incompatible with the new modpack. Please use the new templates from the GitLab repository and read the instructions.

There is too much to cover here, so please refer to the changelogs linked below for even more information:

A big thank-you to everyone who contributed to this update, whether in content creation or feature testing.