"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."

Platoon Structure


For an operation to be successful, every person must know their role on the battlefield and how it fits into the greater strategy of the deployment. Black Watch International runs a large variety of scenarios, from straight forward conflicts between main forces, to special forces operatives working deep behind enemy lines and even guerilla warface against a superior opponent.

Structuring the Platoon is difficult with such a large number of scenarios, but our newest structure is designed to accomodate this. Built on our earlier platoon structures, and incorporating elements of real world Platoons, the Flexible Platoon Structure is designed to be adaptable for the large majority of operations that we play.


Each box represents a grouping of soldiers. The bracketed numbers represent the groupings maximum capacity, or slots. The white lines connecting the boxes represent the heirarchical structure. During each operation the Platoon Leader for that operation will decide which assets are required for the given objectives and which forces need to be slotted as a result.