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Addons and Template Update 17MAR2017

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Everyone should be aware now that the much anticipated Arma 3 v1.68 has been released by Bohemia, which includes 64-bit support as well as a performance and stability fixes. Our modpack appears to be compatible and we've released a small update on our Arma3Sync repository to fix a few minor issues. Please read below for instructions on running Arma 3 x64!

The 64-bit version of Arma 3 will now allow the game to utilise more memory. While this won't neccessarily improve frame rates (it may actually decrease them slightly in some cases), information from the release candidate indicates it will now run smoother. The 64-bit version is now being treated as the recommended default option by Bohemia, so we recommend all members update their Arma3Sync settings as follows:

  1. Open Arma3Sync and go to the Launcher Options tab.
  2. At the bottom click Select next to the Arma III Executable Location.
  3. Change this to point at arma3_x64.exe instead of arma3.exe.
  4. Ensure that the malloc option is NOT checked.

Furthermore, if you have any third party key or button mapping software you will also need to update it to point at the new x64 executable. Those who have significant problems running 64-bit should report it directly to Bohemia and revert to 32-bit by changing the executable back to arma3.exe.

Details on the fixes in our mods can be found in our changelogs below: