"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."


Server Password Change

Just a quick heads up to everyone that we have changed the password for both the Teamspeak and Arma 3 servers. The new password can be found by checking the forums or, if you are already logged in to the website, you can just follow this link.

Modpack Smoke Hotfix

As you know there has been an incompatibility between Blastcore and Arma for a while now, preventing US smoke grenades from properly disappating. However, yesterday we found a community submitted patch on the BI Forums, which Ryan confirmed fixed the problem and is now live on the server. All members will need to download this small (4KB) patch and follow the instructions below to apply the update.

smokecs.zip [Zippyshare.com]

To install the update:

  1. Open the @BWI_BC folder and then addons.
  2. Delete SmokeCS.pbo and SmokeCS.pbo.Blastcore.bisign located in that folder.
  3. Copy the new files, SmokeCS.pbo and SmokeCS.pbo.RYAN.bisign, into that same folder.

Also, if you have not yet done so, please disable the @BWI_L mod in Arma3Sync. The latest Arma 3 patch created an incompatibility with that mod that prevents people from aiming while crouched. To disable it, simply open Arma3Sync and on the right-hand side un-check the @BWI_L folder.

Ace 3 Update to 3.2.1

After finding some bugs and having some minor issues with ACE-3, we decided to push a small ACE-3 Update to version 3.2.1. It is a very small download (50mb) so the update is already live as you read this news. Download link below:

[BWI] Ace 3 Update (Mega.nz Mirror)

[BWI] Ace 3 Update (Zippyshare.com Mirror)

We added as well a new mod from the Shacktack family which is Shacktack Map Gestures:

Instructions for update:

  1. Delete the following folder from your Arma 3 Directory: @BWI_Ace
  2. Copy the @BWI_Ace folder from the update archive into your Arma 3 Directory
  3. Merge the @BWI_SHT Folder from the update archive with the one inside your Arma 3 Directory.