"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."


Bulletin 31/12

With the New Year upon us, this week we have made a number of revisions to our regulations which have been reflected in the updated Field Manual published today. We'd also like to again remind members that on the tomorrow (1st January 2016) we will be moving Teamspeak servers. Details will be published in the news, the server information and on our existing Teamspeak so keep an eye out! Read on for more information regards the regulation and Field Manual changes.

Bulletin 19/12

As many members know we have been recently making a push to reduce running costs and improve the quality of our server setup. We have already moved our Arma 3 server to a dedicated box and are now preparing for the next step in our planned changes. On January 1st 2016 we will be closing our current Teamspeak server and moving to a new one hosted and provided by ourselves. Details of the new server will be relayed closer to the time, but we ask all members to help pass on the word and ensure everybody is ready for the move come 2016.

Modpack Update and Arma 3 v1.54

Over the last two weeks the Black Watch International tech team has been hard at work on updating our modpack and templates, and today we are happy to announce that they are ready for use. The new modpack is already available for download via the repository, and the server will be updated in time for tonight's op. With this update we are now moving to Arma 3 v1.54, so be sure to undo the rollback and update your Arma 3. Please be aware that the modpack update will require an additional step to install, so please read on for further information and instructions.