"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."


ALiVE and ASR Modpack Update

After considerable testing by the tech team, the much anticipated AI modpack update has arrived. As well as the introduction of ALiVE and ASR AI, this update also includes the deployable medical tent, new loadouts in the BWI Armory and changes to the platoon structure. The updated modpack has been pushed to the live repository and is now available for members to download. The new templates for mission makers are already available on the server. Note that additional steps are required to complete the update, so please read on for instructions.

Changes to the Squad XML URL

As some of our members are aware the Squad XML, which enables a number of minor in-game features such as the logo armpatch, stopped functioning just before Christmas. After considerable testing we discovered that Arma has a limit on the size of the file, and it gets ignored once it is larger than 8KB. In order to work around this limitation, we have split the Squad XML into chunks based on the first character of a member's username. Read on for instructions.

Teamspeak Server Move

As announced over the last few weeks, we have today moved to a new Teamspeak server. All future operations will be conducted on the new server, starting from tonight. The new server can be found at and uses the same password as before. Be aware that when you join the new server you will need your server group re-assigning by a Sergeant or higher.

Please relay details of the move to other members to help ensure that everyone is aware of the server change. The old server is remaining up for the moment, but we plan to close it in the coming week.