"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."


Bulletin 05/12

It has been a busy week, with Bohemia dropping 1.54 on us and an earlier than planned move to a new dedicated server. In addition to that we rolled out our new improved Roster system on Friday. The new Roster has been redesigned to better display our ever growing list of members on the page and is now generated from member's accounts on the website. Keep reading for more details from this busy week...

New Server and Rollback to Arma 1.52

Most of you are probably aware by now that Tuesday's Arma 3 "Nexus" update has created major problems for Arma communities such as ours, with changes to the way the hitboxes are implemented on characters and vests. As a result any vests not updated to the new damage model no longer function and provide zero protection. While the ACE and Bundeswehr Mod teams were prepared for the changes it seems others, such as RHS, were not and we may be waiting a few weeks for updates to be released. Please read on for more information and rollback instructions.

Bulletin 24/11

All members please be advised that we have changed the TeamSpeak, game server and repository password. The new password can be found in the member forums, or if you are logged in to the website you can just follow this link. We'd like to take this oppurtunity to reiterate that the password is not to be shared with anyone outside of this organisation. If you are asked for the password and have any doubts, please refer them to a SGT. or higher.