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[Modset Update] Q1 Mods Now Live!

Just a quick update regarding the Q1 Update:

Due to the lack of any events scheduled between now and Friday, the administration team has decided to push up the activation of the Q1 Modset Update. Thus, these mods are now live on the server. This means that it is now possible (and recommended) for you to delete the old mods and move the new mods into your Arma 3 directory. We hope you guys enjoy the new mods, and are very excited to see how you utilize the new assets!

[Modset Update] Q1 Update: Spring Cleaning

Okay, so maybe it's still not quite spring yet, but anyway...

It's time for the Quarterly Update! The administration team has spent the last couple of weeks looking at various mods and determining whether or not they would be worthwhile additions to our server's modset. However, in the process, we realized many things:

[Modset Update] Replacing MCC

MCC is no longer running on the server, because it was conflicting with some stuff (and by some stuff, I mean quite a bit of stuff). 

We've kept MCC around in the past because it did have a lot of useful functions -- but now those have been replaced by other addons like ARES.