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Infantry Accuracy Curriculum

Now available! Speak to Sgt. Sentinel or enquire on our Discord's #training-talk for more information.


Every member participating in Black Watch Operations will need to be accurate at varying ranges - not only with their regular rifle sights, but frequently also with 40mm grenade launchers and hand-held anti-tank weaponry. The Infantry Accuracy course helps members grasp the basics principles of the most common ranging optics and techniques, for both NATO and Russian-derived equipment.


A member certified on the Infantry Accuracy course will be able to:

  • Understand the principles behind NATO and Russian optics markings, in order to use them when ranging targets.
  • Accurately engage targets with conventional rifles and infantry optics.
  • Accurately engage targets using 40mm launchers.
  • Accurately engage targets with common handheld anti-tank weaponry.
  • Accurately engage targets with advanced, infantry-operated anti-tank and anti-air weapon systems.


Qualification Badge Entry Requirements Qualifies Member for: Points Score
Infantry Accuracy Vehicle Identification None 4

See Training Badges for other qualifications.