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Artillery School Curriculum

Now available! Speak to Sgt. Sentinel or enquire on our Discord's #training-talk for more information.


The Artillery School teaches members how to operate deployable mortar and artillery pieces used in-game. Indirect fire assets can be used to provide quick and accurate fire support for front line elements, but must be operated by crew trained in calculating fire missions.


The Artillery School offers two qualifications: Mortar Operator and Artillery Operator. A member qualified as a Mortar Operator will be able to:

  • Understand correct radio protocol for receiving and confirming fire missions.
  • Identify ideal locations and terrain for deploying and utilising mortar equipment.
  • Quickly calculate fire solutions based on grid references and map marker targets.
  • Use in-game equipment to account for wind and elevation.
  • Correct and improve accuracy on fire missions successively hitting the same target.

A qualified Mortar Operator may also earn the advanced Artillery Operator Badge. A member qualified as an Artillery Operator will be able to:

  • Apply skills learnt as a Mortar Operator when identifying safe and useful locations to deploy artillery.
  • Use the Artillery Computer to deliver fire missions.


Qualification Badge Entry Requirements Qualifies Member for: Points Score
Mortar Operator Land Navigation Mortar Crew 6
Artillery Operator Mortar Operator Artillery Crew 2

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