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Armor School Curriculum

Armor School Courses coming soon!


Operating armor assets in-game requires teamwork between a driver, gunner and commander. A well trained crew knows the capabilities and limitations of their own vehicle and the best way to leverage their asset to support other platoon elements in Black Watch operations.


Detailed Curriculum coming soon, see below for the qualification structure.


Curriculum Area Available Badges Entry Requirements Qualifies Member for: Points Score
IFV & MBT Driver Land Navigation, Vehicle Identification Armor Crew Driver 4
IFV Gunner IFV Driver IFV Crew Gunner 6*
IFV Commander IFV Gunner IFV Commander 8
MBT Gunner MBT Driver MBT Gunner 8*
MBT Commander MBT Gunner MBT Commander 10*

*Achieving a higher grade in a curriculum stream will replace your previous badge and entry, i.e. Earning a MBT Commander Badge means that you will lose the Gunner badge and the 8pts attributed to it, gaining instead the Commander Badge and 10pts.

See Training Badges for other qualifications.