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Modpack, Addons, Templates Update 08JUL2020

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A small modpack update (~550MB) has just been pushed to our Arma3Sync repository. This update includes a large number of fixes to our mods, custom addons and mission templates. Please read on for additional details.

Update ACRE3 Teamspeak 3 Plugin

The ACRE2 Teamspeak plugin has been updated, so make sure to start Arma 3 once without Teamspeak 3 running. ACRE will automatically update the plugin for you, but if it can't the displayed prompt should explain where to copy the plugin files from and to.

Template Fixes

Some minor fixes have been made to issues in the templates. Mission makers should make sure they download the latest templates for use in their missions. Please do not attempt to use old templates or missions built with them.

Update Highlights

This update is predominantly fixes for a large variety of issues, although there have been some minor improvements elsewhere too.

The BAF Rearming process has been reworked to behave almost identically to the default ACE Rearm now. The only difference is that the currently loaded magazine must not be full for the rearming option to appear.

We have also introduced the new callsigns with this update, that were derived from the large variety of alternatives suggested by our members. In addition to this we have now disabled the full-duplex radios for a trial period. What this means is that only one person can transmit on radio at a time. The intent of this change is to try and emphasise the need for brevity in comms and better judging the value of what we seek to transmit. This change will require some adjustment, so we ask all members to have patience and offer feedback as we all get used to the change.


Thanks to everyone on the tech team for their effort on this update. The full list of adjustments and fixes can be found at the changelogs below: