"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."



A Squad is the primary fighting unit and is directly responsible for carrying out orders issued by the Platoon Leader. Comprised of a Squad Leader five (5) other suqad members, the exact composition of a squad will vary depending on objectives and the number of available troops.

The Squad Leader will assign roles after the briefing is concluded and based on it's content and any request or directive the Platoon leader may issue to that effect.

Squad Leader

The Squad Leader is ultimately in charge of all combatants in their squad. It is the Squad Leader’s duty to determine the most effective way to carry out an objective with minimal casualties. They should be capable of carrying out their objectives without direct management from Platoon.

A Squad Leader is responsible for devising a plan of attack and ensuring it is communicated to the squad members under their command. When giving orders, the Squad Leader is usually expected to assign internal teams in their squad - most commonly pairs, and issue orders to those pairs. Most often, those internal teams are color coded for ease of issuing orders.

The Squad Leader is also responsible for assigning gear and roles to the members of the squad prior to deployment.
The Squad Leader loadout has two variants - Underslung Grenade Launcher, and Light Anti-Tank.



The Grenadier is a Rifleman typically equipped with an underslung grenade launcher, allowing them to hit targets that are behind cover or otherwise outside the squad's direct fire.

Automatic Rifleman

The Automatic Rifleman is tasked with suppressing enemy positions, allowing the rest of the fireteam to out-maneuver and dispatch the target with relative ease.

An Automatic Rifleman should fire their weapon in controlled bursts, as prolonged firing can cause the barrel to overheat, resulting in weapon jams.

Heavy Grenadier

Available only to a few factions, the Heavy Grenadier is equipped with a Milkor MGL grenade launcher, allowing them to hit targets that are behind cover or otherwise outside the squad's direct fire at extreme firing rates.

Heavy Grenadier / Automatic Rifleman Assistant

There are several tasks an Assistant must perform in the course of combat in support of their team mate. The first and obvious task is carrying extra ammunition for a special weapon, be it an AR or MGL. The second task is to use a rangefinder and relay correct range to target to their team mate, allowing them to place shots on target with greater effect. The third task is to supress the target while the main weapon is being reloaded.

Anti-Tank Rifleman

The Anti-Tank Rifleman is responsible for defending their squad from armor contacts that pose an immediate threat. They must always be alert and ready to act quickly and efficiently at a moment’s notice.


The breacher, depending on faction played, may sport a shotgun in addition to their primary weapon. Breachers are also equipped with Flashbangs, allowing them to clear a room where a hostage may be held. Their main use is in CQB situations and hostage rescue missions.


The Sapper is responsible for removing obstacles from the way of the squad. A sapper may do so by using wire-cutters or a small explosive charge. A sapper may also be used to destroy an abandoned asset, lest it falls into enemy hands or accomplish 'destroy' objectives.


The Demolition Expert, contrary to the sapper, is used to destroy larger objects. Sporting Satchel charges, the Demo-Tech may destroy entire buildings, fortifications and larger objectives or enemy assets.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal expert or EOD for short, is necessary when traversing areas suspected of being booby-trapped. An EOD may be added to a squad when fighting an insurgent-type faction or if intelligence provided depicts an IED threat.

It is important to remember that every infantryman, regardless of role, is a Rifleman first and foremost.