"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."



Armor Crews are three to four person teams tasked with the efficient operation of armored vehicles such as tanks or infantry fighting vehicles. With limited visibility, good teamwork and communications are paramount to the effectiveness of the vehicle in combat.


The Commander is ultimately responsible for the vehicle and its crew at all times. His duties include giving the Gunner target bearings, issuing directions to the Driver and operating the Radio to communicate with Platoon or other elements. With the best view in the vehicle, the Commander is an essential role to efficient operation of an armored assets.


The Gunner is tasked with operation of the vehicle’s primary weapon systems, typically mounted on a turret. They must listen to target bearings and ranges provided by the Commander, and work with the Driver to ensure that enemy targets are neutralized without placing themselves in imminent danger.


The Driver is directly responsible for the vehicle’s movement and positioning on the battlefield. With a small field of view, Driver’s must listen carefully to instructions from the Commander, and work with them to clear obstacles while moving in the field.