"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."


Organizational Structure and Departments

Black Watch International exists thanks to hardworking individuals who give their time and effort to the organization with the goal of maintaining and improving it in all respects.

In order to ensure that things happen, happen correctly and happen in a timely fashion, BWI has divided these responsibilities to several departments, each lead by a Sergeant and staffed by Corporals.

These departments are listed below, as well as any subdepartments they may have.


The goal of the training department is to facilitate training desired and requested by the members of the unit. Within the Training Department are also Flight School and Armor School, aimed at teaching trainees how to operate the various tools of war offered by the game. Training staff schedule training sessions and empart knowledge, allowing members to earn training badges and utilize these tools of war in operations with the appropriate skills and confidence.


The Media department is responsible for managing our YouTube page and various social media venues - Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. Members of the media team are either content creators or content propogators.
Filming, editing, destributing and propogating the media content of the unit falls under the responsibility of this department.

Tech Team

The tech team contains several sub-departments: Development, Testing, Infrastrcuture.
The Infrastructure team maintains the website and various servers the unit uses. The Development team develops and modifies mods and scripts for the use of the unit. Testing makes sure various mods are compatible and that our modpack runs as bug-free as possible.


Recruitment is responsible for reaching out to possible applicants, processing applications and generally getting fresh blood into the unit, or as they sometimes say: "Fresh meat for the grinder".
Recruiters sport a healthy sense of humor, friendly demeanor and have good judgement of character.


Enforcement is the department nobody wants to cross paths with, because it means something is wrong. Enforcers are responsible for making sure that attendance requirements are met and that the rules and regulations within the unit are followed and adhered to. Enforcers are highly trusted members of the organization and report directly to the units officers.