"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."

New Life Rule


The New Life Rule (NLR) is a set of guidelines designed to protect the experience of surviving players from “spoilers” or information they should not have access to. It does not apply to the mission brief, roles of surviving team mates, the chain of command or understanding of the mission.

Upon death and respawn, a player should consider themselves a “new” character and all memories that may spoil the gameplay experience for others should be “forgotten”.

Do Not

  • Do not talk or respond on the Radio if you were KIA.
  • Do not message living players to inform them of your death or other in-game information.
  • Do not discuss or relay information based on events prior to death.
  • Do not return to the front without notifying the Platoon Leader or Logistics Sergeant.


  • Do proceed through the teleporter to the FOB.
  • Do use Steam to message the mission maker about technical issues.
  • Do report to the Platoon Leader or Logistics Sergeant as “reinforcements” following reinsertion to the FOB.
Players will often be sent back to their previous unit, however this is at the Platoon Leader's discretion.

Chain of Command

When a leader is KIA during a mission it is imperative that the hole in the chain of command is quickly filled. Unless specified otherwise during briefing, the following guide should be used:

  • If a second in command is nominated, they should assume command upon the death of their Squad Leader.
  • If no one was nominated and a Squad Leader dies, the Automatic Rifleman should assume command (unless they're a Recruit).
  • The new Squad Leader may relinquish command when reinforced by a new Squad Leader, if they wish to do so.
Command is given, not taken. A returning leader may only reassume command upon their return if given permission from the element's new leader.


Bravo Squad is sent to assault a fortified position outside of the line of sight of Alpha Squad. During the assault, the entirety of Bravo Squad is wiped out. Alpha Squad are informed, by a dead player, that Bravo Squad has been wiped out.

In this scenario the dead player has spoiled the experience for Alpha Squad, as they will now likely abort their attack. Had Bravo Squad stuck to the New Life Rule, Alpha Squad would have been in a difficult and challenging situation.

Delta Squad is sent to clear out a multi-story building. During the clearance all but one member of the Squad is killed by an enemy soldier on the second floor. The sole survivor is informed, by a dead player, of the enemy's location. 

In this scenario the dead player has spoiled the experience for the sole survivor, as he will now know where to expect the enemy soldier. Had the dead player stuck to the New Life Rule, the sole survivor would have been in a tense situation.

Breaching the New Life Rule will often hamper the experience and fun of other players.