"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."

Granularity of a Platoon


This page provides instructions and examples that may help explain the roles, tasks and expectations of leadership at each level within the Chain of Command.

Every leader has to communicate the overall game plan down the chain. If this fails, when a leader is incapacitated whoever assumes command will have no idea what to do.

Platoon Leader

  • Orchestrate your squads to fulfil the objective
  • Make the general gameplan.
  • Don’t go into small details / Don’t try to micro-manage squads

Example mission briefing:

Ok guys, we are starting at the eastern FOB. Our task is to attack and regain control over the city of Dorida. We are taking the convoy along the green line. At the marked coordinates we are splitting up. Medical (and Platoon) will take the yellow line and hide in the valley. Alpha will take the blue line and go on a overwatch. Same goes for Bravo and red line. After we have scouted the AO, I want both squads to move in and clear their respective sectors. Focus on the church in the south. When this is secured, Platoon will set up a medical facility where Corpsmen can treat the wounded.

Squad Leader

  • Utilize your squad members to fulfil your current task.
  • Make the game plan for you own objective. Work out a plan on how you want the squad members to approach and what their tasks are. What should they focus on?
  • You are in charge. Don’t expect the Platoon Leader to tell you how to do your job. You have to take the initiative.
  • Tell the Platoon Leader if you feel that an objective cannot be fulfilled the way it was planned. Have an alternative solution ready.

Example mission briefing:

Red Team, i want you to be on hill 106. Blue team, you are on hill 105. Try to get visual on enemies. Our main objective is to clear the blue area. When we move, blue team should approach in the tree line and take the chapel as cover. Red is moving through the forest downhill. Once we move in, I want blue to clear II and III. Red will clear I. Try to get control over the church. It will serve as medical once it is secured. Rest of the squad will be on standby in II. Blue will then clear sector IV. Red will then clear sector V and VI. Report in as soon as you have a sector cleared.